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When Hattie Darling’s husband Ben dies on his first night home from an extended business trip, she is devastated. But when she finds among his belongings evidence that there had been another woman in his life, Hattie is unable to mourn Ben as she thinks she should. In an attempt to make peace with her discovery, and against the advice of her friends, Hattie decides to find the other woman and confront her.

But the confrontation leads to surprise and eventual understanding. At the heart of this unusual book is the unexpected intertwining of the lives of the two women. Gradually, Hattie realises that she has superimposed the deceit of Ben’s life onto her own.

A Trick of Light is currently in development for Barbra Streisand’s Barwood Films.

About the Author

karen blomainKAREN BLOMAIN, a native of Pennsylvania, has received two PEN USA Syndicated Fiction Prizes, numerous fellowships and residencies. She has published four volumes of poetry and has edited an anthology of regional poetry. She received an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University and has conducted writing workshops in France, Austria, Russia and throughout the United States. Blomain and her husband, the writer and photographer Michael Downend, live in Mexico and Pennsylvania.

A Trick of Light

The Critics Praise:

“A fascinating psychological tale…”

“A gentle tale of two women… I recommend this to readers who enjoy novels that explore family relationships.”

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