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And This Is the Light by Lea Goldberg 

Hardcover, 222 pages, ISBN: 978 159 264 229 8, USA $24.95 CANADA $27.95
Publication Date: June 1, 2011

Selected Poetry & Drama by Lea Goldberg

Paperback, ISBN: 1-59264-111-3 US$14.95, Publication Date: May 2005

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GOLDBERG (1911-1970) was born in Russia, and came to Palestine in 1935. She was a highly successful poet, children's author, theater critic, translator and editor. In 1952, she established the Hebrew University's Department of Comparative Literature, and was later awarded the Israel Prize.

This collection features a new translation by Rachel Tzvia Back of a large selection of Goldberg's poetry, as well at T. Carmi's classic translation of her only work for the theater, The Lady of the Castle.

The Book of Abraham

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