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God's Gym by Leon de Winter

Paperback: ISBN: 978 1 59264 265 6     Pages: 350     US$14.95  UK£9.99  CANADA $18.95
Publication date: October 2009

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December 22, 2000 is a day of dramatic confluence in the life of Joop Koopman, a Dutchman living in California. It is the day he celebrates his daughter Miriam's seventeenth birthday, meets his old friend Philip, with whom he has been out of touch for eighteen years, and crosses paths with Erroll Washington, aka Godzilla, the owner of God's Gym, a Venice health club.
Philip has sought out Joop for reasons that are more than personal, and Joop, in turn, has no choice but to let himself be carried along by political developments that he has previously tried to avoid, but that now inescapably control his life.

Translated from the Dutch by Jeannette K. Ringold.

About the Author

Leon de WinterLEON DE WINTER is a prize winning Dutch novelist, born in 1954. He is also an internationally recognized film writer and director. This is his first book to be translated into English.

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God's Gym

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