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From the Four Winds by Haim Sabato

Hardcover     ISBN: 978 159 264 240 3
US$24.95     UK£14.99     CANADA $24.95
Publication Date: Spring 2010

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Haim Sabato offers another rich historical novel in From
the Four Winds
, an evocative rendering of his childhood experiences in an immigrant transit camp in 1950s Israel.
The young Haim is disturbed by the suppressed memories
of the adults living in the immigrant community, until Farkash, a mysterious, unforgettable character takes Haim under his wing and reveals a sorrowful story that will affect Haim for
the rest of his life.

Translated by Yaacob Dweck from the original Hebrew, Bo'i haRuah.

About the Author

Haim SabatoHaim Sabato descends from a long line
of rabbis from Aleppo, Syria. His family had lived in Egypt for two generations, before moving to Israel when he was six. He
served in the tank corps in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and is the founder of a Yeshiva near Jerusalem. Sabato's first novel, Emet Me'Aretz Titzmach, translated as Aleppo Tales, appeared in 1997. His second novel, Tiyum Kavanot, Adjusting Sights, was awarded the prestigious Sapir Prize for Literature in 2000 and the Yitzchak Sadeh Prize for Literature in 2002. Both have been published in English by The Toby Press.

From the Four Winds

The Critics Praise:

“…rarely does the Orthodox world produce a writer who himself is so committed to our community. In addition to being a distinguished Rosh Yeshiva, Haim Sabato is one of Israel’s most popular writers… Sabato continues to draw from his own as well his family’s life experiences to sympathetically and insightfully depict a colorful world frequently misunderstood.”

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