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Eminence by Morris West

Paperback: ISBN: 1-902881-69-9 Pages: 328 8˝"x5˝" US$ 14.95

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Few novelists have written about the Catholic Church with more drama, insight, and prophecy than Morris West. Eminence centers on Luca Rossini, once a young priest savagely tortured by the Argentina military in the ‘70s. To cover up the scandal, Rossini was taken back to Rome and kept in exile. Under the patronage of the reigning pontiff, he has become a cardinal, one of the church’s most efficient diplomats and a member of the Electoral College. When the reigning pope dies, Luca loses his patron -- though not his power or his iron will -- and his faith, already shaken by his past, is tested anew.

On the eve of the papal election, the woman who saved his life and for whom, even in exile, he has nourished a deep and abiding love, comes again into his life. The wounds of the past are reopened, and Rossini finds himself in a new crisis of political responsibility and faces the turmoil of his own spirit. This compelling drama of love and passion, political intrigue, and heady suspense shows once again why Morris West is one of the greatest novelists of our time.

About the Author

Morris WestMORRIS WEST was born in Melbourne in 1916. He was a member of the Christian Brothers but left the order after 12 years. Around the time of the publication of his first novel in 1945, he worked in Melbourne radio but left Australia in 1955 to further his career as a writer. During his time away from Australia he lived in Austria, Italy, England and the USA. He returned to Australia in 1980. He wrote over thirty novels, many plays and several of his novels were adapted for film. Morris West died in 1999, while working at his desk.


The Critics Praise:

“A rich panoply of colorful types combines to prove to Luca what he had always feared might not be true: namely, that God writes straight with crooked lines.”

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