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Saul Bellow and Keith Botsford in Conversation

Editors | The Republic of Letters

Saul Bellow and Keith Botsford, self-described "pair of utopian codgers who feel we had a duty to literature" are in conversation with filmmaker Elon Green. The interview concentrates on their collaboration of fifty years as editors of literary journals, including the Noble Savage, ANON and most recently, The Republic of Letters. There is a fascinating array of topics in this informal conversation, which is of interest to all who have enjoyed the works of these two great writers.

The Bellow & Botsford interview is a total of 18 minutes long, we have cut it into 3 sections to create manageable video files, you will notice we have provided various size files for different connection speeds.

You will require RealPlayer Version 8.0 or higher to view the attached video files,
this can be downloaded FREE using the link here.

Part One: Editors, Ante Up, Big Writers, Contributing Authors, Enemies

TypeConnection SpeedSize (MB)Name
for SLOWER CONNECTIONS 28K or 33K Modems0.9Editors (part one)
for FASTER CONNECTIONS 56K Modems1.5Editors (part one)
for ISDN or HIGHER ISDN or faster2.0 Editors (part one)

Part Two: The Turf, Neglected Tendencies, The Fraternity, Today's Writers

TypeConnection SpeedSize (MB)Name
for SLOWER CONNECTIONS 28K or 33K Modems1.0Editors (part two)
for FASTER CONNECTIONS 56K Modems1.7Editors (part two)
for ISDN or HIGHER ISDN or faster2.2 Editors (part two)

Part Three: James Wood, Children, Strange Paper, Apprentices, General Benefit

TypeConnection SpeedSize (MB)Name
for SLOWER CONNECTIONS 28K or 33K Modems0.7Editors (part three)
for FASTER CONNECTIONS 56K Modems1.2Editors (part three)
for ISDN or HIGHER ISDN or faster1.6 Editors (part three)

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